Life is Fragile

Holder Headstone

No parent should have to bury a child. It is heart breaking. Six years ago, our dear friends, Roy & Miriam, buried their oldest son, Tommy, who was almost 46 years old when he died. This weekend they buried their youngest son, Tim, who was also 46 years old. Both boys battled cancer. As a parent, I cannot even imagine...40 something is way too young to die!

The last visit I had with Tim...he looked great! I found it hard to believe he was going home from the hospital under hospice care with just a few weeks left to live. When I commented on how amazing he looked...without hesitation or reservation...he said..."It is Jesus! He has given me peace...and He is giving me the strength to face this." What A Blessed Assurance! My heart rejoiced as he spoke those words. During our time together...we laughed...we cried...we prayed...we said our "I love yous"...and our good-byes. (He even did a few imitations of folks for me--no surprise there!). It was a visit I will always cherish! Such a sweet time of fellowship.

I left the hospital that night...knowing Tim was ready to step into eternity. How do I know he was ready? I know because Tim had a personal relationship with Jesus that & hope-giving! He had a relationship with Jesus that was made evident by the peace he possessed--a peace that surpassed all understanding. It was Tim's faith & trust in Jesus that supplied him with the strength he needed to face his future. And so...I have no doubt that when Tim stepped into eternity...he stepped right into the arms of Jesus! 

Here is what else I know...Life is fragile...Every day is a gift...None of us are promised tomorrow...

"All life is like the grass. All of its grace and beauty fades like the wild flowers in a field. The grass withers, the flower fades as the breath of the Eternal One blows away. People are no different from grass. The grass withers, the flower fades; nothing lasts except the word of our God. It will stand forever." Isaiah 40:7-8

This life is but a fleeting moment...Eternity is just a breath away for each of your children close...tell those you love that you love them...and do it often!

Stop for a moment and think about this--If today were the stepped into eternity...would YOU be READY?

Would you find yourself safe & secure in the arms of Jesus?

Do you have a life-changing...hope-giving...peace-providing...strength-supplying personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the precious gift of life...I thank you for Tommy's life & Tim's life. I pray that you would comfort their family & friends during this time of unimaginable grief. Help each of us to make the most of the days we have been given on this earth. Help us to love you & love others. May we live with a sense of "readiness" to step into eternity & into your presence...and may we help others know they will be ready too! In Jesus Name